“Quirky used CD shop in basement of book store”

A review on Tripadvisor by Organicprof of Baltimore. Many thanks, Organicprof, look foward to seeing you again soon.

“The shop has a large number of used classical CD's at reasonable prices. You can find works and composers you've never heard of.

“But that's only the half of it. The owner is extremely outgoing and will offer you a free cold soft drink, coffee, use of the bathroom. I went there with my music loving husband, and while he was looking through the stacks of CD's, I sat in one of the comfy stuffed chairs while the owner regaled me with stories of how he runs his shop. Everyone who enters is treated like an old friend. A similar experience is related on the Gramex website. While I was in the shop, a customer from two years ago came in; had such fond memories of the owner that he actually brought the owner some unusual opera DVD's.

“When my husband had selected all his CD's, the owner told him to add up how much he owed and subtract 15%. A must for every classical music lover who visits London!”


Gramex – as recommendedd in The Guardian

“No list of the best UK record shops should be without Gramex, near Waterloo station in London. The shop sells mostly CDs, with a small handful of LPs under the tables, and sells mostly classical discs with a smattering of jazz. Do not go in there looking for something specific, as that way lies madness – nothing is in order. Instead, take some time browsing, chat to Roger, the genial and extremely knowledgeable owner, and fill your boots.”

The Guardian, 4th November 2015. Thank you to mole_9 for recommending us.


“An incredible experience”

Many thanks to Mark Greville for leaving this review on our Facebook page. Look forward to seeing you again!

“Well I went into Gramex and had possibly the most unique and best music shopping experience in my life. Roger the owner and Arie who may have been a friend, another customer, a shop employee told me to take off my coat cause I'd be there for a while. They regaled me with stories galore, offered me tea, argued with each other about opera and then chatted at length to a customer from Scotland about Debussy.

“The shop itself is absolutely stacked with classical cds, most of which are unordered so you do need to take your time but the music is in great condition and really affordable. I ended up there for 90 minutes and bought about 10 CDs. I came away with 11 though because as I coudn't decide between 2 versions of Bach's Well Tempered Clavier. Roger 'lent' me one. I either have to return it or pay for it next time im in London. Ah well, I'll have to make another trip in that case!

“If you are ever in London you have to make it your business to visit, it is an incredible experience.”

Gramex - now in its new home, downstairs at 104 Lower Marsh

Earlier in April we moved to our new home. We're still in the same shop – we've simply moved downstairs.

The move went well, and now we're easing into our new accomodation. Still a little work to do – but as always we have piles of CDs to entice you, with new stock coming in all the time.

We look forward to seeing you soon. And while you visiting, take a look at The Book Warehouse, offering a wide selection of books at discount prices. Entrance to Gramex is at the back of the bookshop and down the stairs.

We're moving again - but not very far!

In an exciting new development, Gramex is joining forces with The Book Warehouse.

We're moving downstairs, and The Book Warehouse are taking up residence above us. Two fabulous shops in one!

We look forward to seeing you in our new home. A bargain basement indeed!

Gramex: very competitive prices, but the chat is worth more!

We've been snooping around the internet, finding out what people are saying about us. And the word is good. Many thanks for the generous comments on slippedisc.com.

DLowe says: I’ll second Robert’s suggestion of Gramex, by Waterloo. I was there for two hours yesterday chatting to the owner, Roger, the most knowledgeable opera buff I’ve encountered. Very competitive prices, but the chat is worth more. The only shop I’ve ever been into where I’ve been offered a tea and a bun free of charge.

J says: Absolutely! Gramex are going from strength to strength, and a few months ago upgraded their premises, moving to a slightly busier part of the street.

Jonathon Higgins says: Delighted to hear Gramex is still going strong! Not been for years as I rarely pass through London, but I have fond memories of the many hours I spent there when it was the best second hand LP shop in London!


An American In London

Many thanks to David Patrick Stearns for the following article about Gramex.

Proceeding on to Gramex, I discovered it had recently moved, though only across the street. The new quarters looked a bit raw. Nothing up on the walls. Just a lot of card tables with lots of CDs stacked on them. The proprietor Roger Hewland had conked out on an easy chair so decisively (and was sleeping so quietly) I feared that he had been there for a few days and wondered what was London's version of 911. His fresh-starched shirt assured me he was alive and had been sleeping only a matter of minutes.

I began looking through the stacks and seeing lots of things I would be jumping for joy to find – had I not already owned them. Lots of good re-masterings of live Metropolitan Opera radio broadcasts. Some Testament-label things that never turn up in collector shops.

The proprietor woke up. and directed me to a table of new arrivals, claiming that they were particularly interesting. And he was seriously right. Before long I had a formidable stack and he heartily approved of everything. A live Queen of Spades recording with Sena Jurinac. Peter Maxwell Davies concertos for instruments so diverse you had to hear how he did it.

“I might already have this,” I said.
“Bring it back if you do.”

“I may not be back for a few years.”
“Bring it back then.”

David Patrick Stearns is music critic for Philadelphia Inquirer, Arts Reporter for WRTI-FM and contributor to Gramophone, Opera News, the Guardian and Obit-mag.com. Read the full article: www.artsjournal.com